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Oracle extends Premier Support for 19c

Since April 2024, Oracle 19c had entered the Extended Support phase, with the first 2 years free of charge, i.e. until April 2026, and with the end of Extended Support in April 2027, at which point it enters Sustaining Support.

Oracle Support Timeline 2023

The news is that Oracle has just decided a change: Oracle 19c returns to Premier Support, and it will be so until April 30, 2026! After that it goes back to Extended Support for one year, that is until April 30, 2027, and from there it goes to Sustaining Support.

This is because Oracle has been delaying the release of Oracle 23ai, which was scheduled for the first half of 2024 but has been postponed to an undetermined date in the second half of 2024.

This being so, it was not convenient to have customers in a support limbo, not knowing which version to migrate to in order to keep Premier Support, it is now clear that going to, or staying on Oracle 19c is still the recommended thing to do, as you now have 2 more years of relief.

If you are not already on Oracle 19c, what are you waiting for? It is simpler than you think and I can help you, just contact me.

If you want more information, read this note, available at My Oracle Support:

742060.1Release Schedule of Current Database Releases

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