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OOW 2012, here I come!

Every year the Oracle Open World is held, to which all Oracle ACEs are cordially invited. But there was always some setback (read project in progress with tight deadlines) that forced me to postpone my attendance, but at the beginning of this year I made the decision to attend.

Since June I bought the respective plane tickets, which -thanks to the accumulated miles- were free! And since I was on a low budget, I decided to book a room at the Park Hotel in San Francisco, for only US$450 per week, a bargain considering that in San Francisco accommodation is not cheap at all, and even more so when 50,000 people arrive all at once almost the same day and are fighting for accommodation near the Moscone Center, where the OOW takes place, and the Park Plaza is a few blocks away, so close that I can even get there on foot.

Having solved the problem of how to get there and where to stay, I had to choose among the hundreds of presentations available, not an easy task, of course. After reviewing and reviewing, I ended up selecting what seemed closest to what I have been developing on a regular basis: Database and Application Tuning, and High Availability and Contingency solutions.

Agenda OOW 2012

Apart from the technical presentations, Larry Ellison is always looking to steal the show, and this year would not be the exception: there are strong rumors that he will surprise us with the launch of Oracle Database 12c, not bad, I’m crossing my fingers for it to be so.

And since not everything is Oracle, I will take a week off, to visit the main attractions of San Francisco (Alcatraz, Golden Gate) and probably San Diego (Zoo, SeaWorld), and why not, to enjoy a good Peruvian style cebiche in La Mar .

That’s all for the moment friends, I promise to keep you updated on the OOW (follow me on Twitter @enriqueorbegozo) and upon my return I will resume the technical posts, which I have abandoned for a long time, until next time!

Did you find this article interesting, did you have any doubts, do you want to suggest a topic to cover, leave me your comments or contact me me right now!

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